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Black people are often spoken about or spoken for, but Black people are rarely listened to.

The Black Census Project aims to set the record straight.

In order to give Black people an opportunity to speak for ourselves, the Black Census Project will conduct the biggest national survey of Black people across class, disability, gender, geography, immigration status, and sexuality. The collected information will clarify the diversity of wants and needs that Black people imagine for our communities.

This survey, the largest of Black people in recent history, will capture a more accurate picture of who we are and what we care about. The Black Census asks Black communities what we see as the key issues in our communities and asks us about what we think needs to be done to address those issues, so that our lives can change for the better.

We are talking to 200,000 Black people in 2018. The Black Census Project uses an  interactive online tool as well as in-person surveys so Black community members can share their stories and discuss their concerns. The survey collects information about key issues impacting Black communities, including: generational oppression, mass incarceration, police violence, and inequities in healthcare and economic access. The information gathered will guide the priorities and positions of the Black Futures Lab.

We won’t collect or share any personal information—but we will share the information we collect about the patterns we see happening in our communities and what Black people want to see done about what they see. We’ll share that data with survey participants, with Black-led community-based organizations, and with elected officials and legislators who make decisions about our communities. This information will be a resource for improving the ways we serve our Black communities.