Black Census Project FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Black Census?
The Black Census Project is the largest national survey of Black people across class, disability, gender, geography, immigration status, and sexuality. The Black Census asks Black communities what we see as the key issues in our communities and asks us what we think needs to be done to address those issues so that we can thrive in all areas of our lives. Click here for more information.
What will Black Futures Lab do with the data?
The information will help us better understand what Black people want and what dreams we have for our communities. We’ll analyze that data and share our findings with survey participants, Black-led community-based organizations, and elected officials and legislators who make decisions about our communities. This information will be a resource for improving how we serve our Black communities.
Is my personal information being collected?

Your personal information is not being collected. The survey is completely anonymous. After you finish the survey, you can stay in contact with us. That is voluntary.

Can I take the Black Census if I am a race mixed with Black?
Yes, we want to hear from anyone who identifies as Black.
How do you distinguish Black respondents from other respondents?
We are able to filter out responses from non-Black respondents on the backend of the survey.
I’m Black but from a country outside the U.S. Can I take the Black Census?
If you are from another country, identify as Black, and live in the United States, your participation is encouraged. Unfortunately, we’re only conducting this survey in the United States; therefore, if you live outside of the country, you should not take the Black Census.
Is the Black Census Project only available online?
While we are happy to share a physical copy of the Black Census, the survey is easier to fill out online. To request a physical copy, email
Will the data from the Black Census impact the US Census official data?
No, the Black Census has no impact on the US Census data.
How can I partner with Black Futures Lab around the Black Census Project?
We’re always looking for organizations and people to help amplify the Black Census Project. Please contact for any partnership requests around the Black Census Project.
How can I donate to the Black Census Project?
You can donate to the Black Census Project here.
How can I share the Black Census Project with my community?
Help us ensure the Black Census Project reaches Black people nationwide by spreading the word with your friends and family on social media. Download our Black Census Project social media toolkit to get started.