Meet the Fellows

Join us in celebrating the 2023-24 Black to the Future Public Policy Institute Fellows! Get to know the newest cohort joining Black to the Future Lab’s powerful network of more than 90 Institute alumni committed to building independent, Black political power.

The cohort brings together a wealth of experience in the areas of democracy and voting rights; the economy and economic security; families, public health and healthcare; structural barriers; and the criminal-legal system.

Every year, we ask fellows to reflect upon the following question: “What does your Black Future look like?”

*Illustrations by Alixa Garcia. Follow Alixa Garcia here.

Young Women’s Freedom Center


Dominique Davis

My Black future looks like freedom for Black people.

Eboney Ellis

My Black future looks like success!

Laquisha Johnson

My Black future embodies true freedom, justice, and empowerment for generations to come.

De Anna Pittman

My Black future will be full of life affirming institutions, practices, and people.

Abigail Richards

My Black future is the global liberation of Black women and trans folks of all genders, where we are all truly free as defined by us.

New Georgia Project


Elijah Grace

My Black future looks like higher Black participation in the voting process and more Black YOUTH engagement in community programs.

James Mays

My Black future looks like economic freedom.

Sean Mims

My Black future is a Georgia where people are financially healthy, working and providing for themselves without worry.

Change Today, Change Tomorrow


Julianna Clarke

My Black future looks like everyone having access to the resources they need and thriving.

Icyreen Ford

My Black future is full of peace.

Taylor Ryan

My Black future is safe, self sustaining and rich in community.

Mississippi Votes


Tiara James

My Black future looks like being in a world where all Black communities are heard and treated fairly in this political world.

Karanja Matory

My Black Future looks like everyone around me elevating and striving in their endeavors.

Hannah Williams

My Black future looks equitable, in housing, economics, education, and electorally.

One Voice


Christin Calloway

My Black future is limitless!

Anastasia Griffin

My Black future is eliminating social and economic injustice to empower voices that have been traditionally silenced and to place more Black people in positions of power to invoke change throughout their communities and beyond.

Catherine Robinson

My Black future looks like opportunities that are abundant and I’m thriving for my children.

Kyra Roby

My Black future is freedom, opportunity, and abundance from generation to generation.

Emancipate NC

North Carolina

Dawn Blagrove

My Black future is unobstructed self actualization for ALL Black people.

Cierra Cobb

My Black future looks like a future of hope and opportunity.

Kerwin Pittman

My Black future looks like Black Excellence thriving to its fullest capacity in every space, absent of confusion.

Salvation and Social Justice

New Jersey

Crystal Charley

My Black future is the realization of full liberation, particularly in Black maternal health, having eradicated anti-Blackness in healthcare delivery, restoring our Afro-indigenous birthing culture of care, yielding safe, equitable birthing spaces, and favorable outcomes for Black mothers and babies to thrive. 

Jared Hunter

My Black future looks like protection and provision for all of our people by all of our people.

Shadura Lee

My Black future looks like acknowledging my humanity holistically, without colonization.

Racquel Romans-Henry

My Black future is unapologetically bold, bright and brilliant.

Black to the Future Public Policy Institute Trainers

Alicia Garza

Charleston Area Justice Ministry

South Carolina

Katherine Grainger