Meet the Fellows

The Black to the Future Action Fund is proud to support the 2022-23 Black to the Future Public Policy Institute Fellows. The cohort brings together a wealth of experience in the areas of democracy and voting rights, public health, economic security, structural barriers, and criminal/legal. Get to know the fellows who are part of our powerful and growing network that is committed to building independent, Black political power.

This year, we asked fellows to reflect upon the following question: “What does your Black Future look like?”

 *Illustrations by Alixa Garcia. Follow Alixa Garcia here.

Alabama Association for the Arts


Dynasty Chapman

My Black Future looks like advocating for various forms of justice to educate, uplift the visibility, needs, and voices of the community.

Gloria Hollins

“My Black Future has opportunities on the horizon for the justice impacted, allowing them to better reacclimate to society.”

Miami Workers Center


Marie Francois

“My Black Future looks like more Black leaders in positions of governmental and economical power.”

Emmanuela Jean-Etienne

My Black Future is where we have built the people power necessary to transform Miami into a place where all Black people may live and work in dignity.”

Live Free Illinois


Gregory Chambers

“My Black Future is an undying quest to realize actual criminal justice reform, equality, fairness, and opportunity for ALL people of my race equivalent to that of ALL other races, until I draw my last breath.”

Artinese Myrick

“My Black Future is geared toward working alongside oppressed communities to be the architects of change needed to create and sustain equity and Black political, economic, and social power.”

Destination Innovation


Yusef Presley

“My Black Future looks like peace, paradise and equality – no harm, no gunshots, no police brutality.”

Desmond Bryant White

“My Black Future is a future with limitless opportunities, created by those that are directly affected and have a seat at the table. A table full of innovative & forward thinkers, doers and shakers!”

People’s Advocacy Institute


Brooke Floyd

“My Black Future is one where all the beautiful Black babies in this city & state have everything they need to thrive.”

Tamra Daniels-Washington

“My Black Future is an example and familiar to others that seek safety, education, health, love, and freedom.”

Gus Washington

“My Black Future looks like empowered and informed Black people daring to re-imagine what they accept and why.”

Hood Incubator

New York

Najeebah Brown

“My Black Future looks POWERFUL and promising!”

Emmanuela (Venus) Ischei

“My Black Future is a world where my unique experiences are treated as an asset and not a threat.”

Eliana Green

““My Black Future looks like Drug War survivors being able to live and thrive as full citizens.”

Imagine Black


Amina Banks

“My Black Future is liberated, peaceful, and abundant. The fruits of our labor are cultivated and flourishing, art and work coexist peacefully, and the beautiful history of our People is celebrated.”

Danita Harris

“My Black Future contains boundless opportunities rooted in self actualization through radical imagination and fully realized liberation.”

Keith Jenkins

“My Black Future is bright, limitless, and full of Joy.”

Charleston Area Justice Ministry

South Carolina

Amber Campbell-Moore

My Black Future in a perfect world awould be equitable, just, and joyous!”

Charleston Area Justice Ministry

South Carolina

Raynique Syas

My Black Future looks like statewide equitable education.”

Black to the Future Public Policy Institute Trainers

Alicia Garza

Charleston Area Justice Ministry

South Carolina

Katherine Grainger