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Alicia Garza Talks 2020, Young Black Voters, and the Black Census Project

Every day, the 2020 election gets a little closer. For Democratic candidates running in the primary for the nomination, there’s a lot of work to do to set themselves apart for the blue party’s key voters…


Black Census Project Shows Black Voters Are Not of One Voice

One of the nation’s most prominent social movement leaders is the engine behind a far-reaching new poll that finds black Americans are diverse politically and care about earning enough, finding housing they can afford, and being able to pay for higher education…


New Survey of 30,000 Black Voters Finds that Black Communities Feel Ignored by Democrats

The Black Census Project survey finds that black Americans’ high political engagement isn’t translating into serious outreach from politicians…


Black Census Project Reveals Electorate’s Concerns — and Power

More than half of the 30,000+ survey participants said that politicians do not care about them or their interests….

Atlanta Daily World

First Report of the 2019 Black Census Reveals Winning Path for 2020 Presidential Hopefuls

Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and the Black Futures Lab release More Black Than Blue: Politics + Power in the 2019 Black Census, the first in a series of imprints analyzing an online and direct outreach survey of 30,000 of the most politically engaged Black people in the United States…

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African Americans Believe Politicians Care More About White People, The Rich, Big Business and Campaign Donors, Survey Says

African Americans feel like they’re not a priority to U.S. politicians, according to a new survey of more than 31,000 Black people by the Black Census Project…


‘Black Lives Matter’ Founder Alicia Garza Surveyed 31,000 Black Voters And Here’s What She Found

A new report is shedding insight into the political beliefs and aspirations of more than 31,000 Black voters as the nation prepares for the 2020 elections…

The Root

New Survey Says: Politicans Don’t Care About Black People

Tired of politicians talking at, about, but never to, black people, a bevy of organizations joined to conduct the largest survey of black people in the United States since Reconstruction, entitled More Black than Blue: Politics + Power in the 2019 Black Census.


Democratic Hopefuls Should Really Be Paying Attention To The Results of This Black Census

In 2018, more than 31,000 Black people across 50 states weighed-in on the issues that concern them the most. The results are now in…

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What the 2019 Black Census Report Reveals About Black Voter Power in the 2020 Election

Launched in early 2018, the Black Census Project was an intensive survey of 30,000  Black people around the country about their political beliefs…

The New York Times

Dear Candidates: Here Is What Black People Want

During election season, I always cringe when I see candidates eating fried chicken next to a bottle of hot sauce in Harlem or taking staged photos with black leaders. These shallow symbolic gestures are not a substitute for meaningful engagement with Black voters. And candidates should know that we see right through them.